Where we work

We work in the gardens of the hospitals with the focus to bring the Nature inside the Hospitals.

You can see the projects here:

Hospitals and Places of Healing

Project started on April 2014, Woad, Weld and Lady’s Bedstraw planted on the garden of the health Centre. On August 2014 we started to create art Workshops in the waiting area using the dye plants of the garden
Dyeing plants growing in the green house of the Main OT Department, Bethlem Royal Hospital, Monks Orchard Road, Beckenham, Kent. Project started on April 2015 Art Workshops started on October 2015 24th February - 18th March: Exhibition Woad, Weld and Madder: from plot to palette

Universities and Other Places


Project started on January 2015 in a Primary School in London.  Iris flowers planted in the garden – Spring 2015 starting to plant Woad Weld and Dye chamomile in the garden. Workshop using dye plants colours every week from January 2015.