Solar Greenhouse Project

We are made of energy as every cell of us is moving and the model of greenhouse studied for the Magic Dye House Project is intended to bring life-enhancing energy.

The shell of the green house, like a plant ,is based on the photosynthesis principle that is the biological process that converts sunlight into chemical energy. The Magic Dye House greenhouse is an organism that lives in symbiosis with the plants.

The plants generate the energy to make it bright with an innovative process based on photosyntesis principle invented by Cambridge University. Also the natural colours of the wooden structure of the green house is painted with paint made by the plants.

What could be the benefit to work, create colours and play in a structure connected with Nature? The greenhouse would provide protection from natural elements. At the same time, in contact with the plants, we are reminded of our connection with Nature and the Universe.

This connection can be extremely rewarding and life-enriching.